About Us

Thank you to the 1000+ Witches who attended in 2019! And a special thanks to each of the volunteers, ambassadors, sponsors & businesses who made all the fun & fundraising possible!


Witches Roam Downtown Sandusky for Charity

How We Got Started

The 2011 creation of Michelle Herold, owner of Bertsch Jewelers, and Donna Bretz, owner of former Midnight Moon Metaphysical Shoppe, Witches’ Walk® is a night of fun for getting decked out in “witchy finery,” visiting local shops, restaurants and bars for an adult Halloween celebration. The number of witches has grown each year–to about 300 witches in 2017 and a whopping 500+ witches in 2018!

The Organizers

The 2019 Sandusky Witches’ Walk® is organized and brought to you by Donna Bretz, Jarrod Walters and Michelle Herold.

Where We Are Today

Thank you, witches and sponsors, for making 2018 a record-breaking year!

We selected, for the first time, Patty Arlin-Smith as our “Supreme Witch,”who reigns for a full year, with her scepter and sash, and will be asked to participate in parades/events throughout the year.  Also, we did the first Witch Dance. surrounding the bubbling, fogging fountain in Schade-Mylander Plaza! We had our first Witches’ Walk® Ambassadors in 2018; they were at each participating location to answer questions and give information as well as award prizes to witches for correctly answering trivia questions. All these fun additions will be back in 2019, plus even more awesome surprises!

For Charity

2019 marked the 9th Annual Witches’ Walk in downtown Sandusky, Ohio. $12,000 was raised by approximately 1000 witches and donated to OHgo in Sandusky, Ohio.

In 2018, $5,000 was raised by approximately 500 witches and donated to Back to the Wild in Castalia, Ohio. In past years, proceeds from Witches’ Walk® have been donated to Queenie’s Court and Sandusky Police K-9 Unit.